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     Judith Schrut
          writer and journalist

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About Judith.....

Judith is a writer and journalist who writes about people, places, food, the arts and more.    Born and raised in California, Judith has lived in her favourite city--  London--  for over 30 years.  She writes and blogs regularly for American in Britain Magazine,  creating enjoyable-to-read features,  previews,  reviews and interviews.

In a previous life, Judith penned a plethora of policies, contracts, legal briefs and witness statements. She's an experienced editor and researcher.

You'll find examples of Judith's recent work in the on-site portfolio and at where she's been a regular contributor since 2010. 

Passionate about prose, Judith would be delighted to try her writing hand  at just about anything.    Contact Judith today to discuss your writing needs.

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